About Us



The Photographer 

GoodLight is owned and operated by Jason McKibben, a photographer with over 15 years of experience shooting professionally. Jason received a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and worked in the emerging tech industry of the late 90’s before changing gears and studying photojournalism and architectural photography at New England School of Photography. He sharpened his photographic skills, and picked up a few awards along the way, shooting full-time for newspapers in South Dakota, New Mexico, Florida and New York before settling in New Hampshire with his wife and two sons. You can see some of his journalism work at www.jasonmckibben.com.  

Our Approach 

Every home is unique, and there is no specific technique that applies to photographing all spaces, which is why we do not take the same approach to photographing every interior. Rather, we let the space dictate how we photograph it, with our ultimate goal being to accurately portray its character and flow, or how it feels to move through the home. We use professional lighting equipment to enhance those characteristics without overpowering the natural light that exists, and pride ourselves on delivering accurate colors so there are no surprises when prospective buyers visit the home in person.