Staging Tips


Please use the following list as you work to get your house prepared for listing photographs. Not all items are applicable to all homes. Also, we do not typically shoot closets, unfinished basements and garages unless requested, so feel free to use them as decluttering destinations! Taking the time to work through this checklist will ensure your house looks as attractive as possible to potential buyers. 


Mow the lawn 

Hide trash cans and recycling bins 

Remove cars from the driveway 

Put away garden hoses and lawn equipment 

Put away outside toys 

Clean pool and pool area 

Clean and straighten outdoor furniture 

Pick up any animal dropping 

General Interior 

Dust and remove cobwebs 

Vacuum carpets  

Sweep floors 

Clean windows and sliding glass doors 

Open window treatments 

Turn off all ceiling fans 

Keep pets in one room/basement 

Hide any objects that show that you have pets 

Hide personal photographs 

Straighten artwork and other wall decorations 


Remove everything from the sinks 

Hide trash can 

Clean and clear countertops 

Hide as many countertop appliances as possible 

Put away dish towels 

Clear exterior of refrigerator 

Clear off the top of the refrigerator 

Straighten table and chairs  

Clean the table  


Hide toilet brush, plunger and waste basket 

Close toilet  

Clear off all countertops  

Remove items from the back of the door 

Remove hand towels or choose towels that compliment décor 


Declutter surfaces of night stands and dressers  

Remove items from the back of the door 

Make the bed 

Be sure that items stored under the bed are covered and out of sight 

Hide any waste baskets 

Hide extension cords and power cords 

Hide personal photographs 

Hide laundry basket 


Clear off desktop and other work surfaces  

Hide extension cords and power cords 

Hide the trash can or waste basket 

Organize and put away any paperwork 

Adjust books and items on bookshelves 

Living Room 

Organize open bookshelves 

Straighten couch and chair cushions 

Hide remote controls 

Place a fresh stack of wood in fireplace 

Straighten any area rugs 

Dining Room 

Straighten table and chairs  

Clear off table or add place settings